Consulenza e vendita di progetti di investimento con energie rinnovabili
Consulting and sale of investment projects with renewable energy
Beratung und Verkauf von Investitionenprojecten mit erneuerbaren Energien

Since 2010 in the sector of plants for the production of electricity powered by renewable sources.
From vegetable oil cogeneration to wood biomass power plants, with collaborations and projects with national and foreign companies producing and installing the systems.

From 2019, new opportunities for investors have been added with the recent projects in progress in South Italy for wind plants that will be entitled to the new incentive rates.

New project opportunities for wind farms in Italy (Region Calabria)
Thanks to the collaboration with local partners acquired over the years, we have started several projects for the construction of wind farms in Italy, Calabria Region.
In order to exploit wind energy, it is very important to take into account the high variations in speed between different locations: distant sites a few kilometres apart can be subject to very different wind conditions and have a substantially different interest in the installation of wind turbines. Keeping this prerogative in mind, our projects involve the installation of turbines in the Calabria Region, in an area halfway between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea. The winds that are generated due to the different pressures that occur between the selected areas ensure that the sites identified are optimal for the positioning of wind generators. The analysis of the wind of the places and the production found by the plants already installed in recent years in these areas confirm the optimal position.

To date we are working for the construction of ca. 10 wind farms of 1 MW and ca. 20 wind farms of 100 kW, to be registered in the Italian GSE register and install with the certainty of revenues from the sale of electricity generated, guaranteed by the twenty-year contract with GSE for the withdrawal of dedicated energy with incentive rate.
With several sites still in an optimal position (average annual wind of 80 m. min. 5.5 m/s), we can still guarantee new projects for the construction of wind farms, with the safety of reliable partners and guaranteed technology.

Examples of available projects:

Zone: Italy - Calabria Region
Power: 100 kW
IRR: 23,6%
Payback: 4 years 3 months
ROI on EBIT: 22,3%

Zone: Italy - Calabria Region
Power: 1 MW
IRR: 15,7%
Payback: 5 years 12
ROI on EBIT: 13,3%

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